LUCKY SILVERWARE has always been very dynamic in the pursuit of modernity for its products. Adhering to the Chinese traditional processes integrated with modern aesthetic, practical functionality and latest production methods, allows us to better understand and lead the silverware market.

With decades of industry experience, we have much more confidence in offering high quality table wares to various markets. Quality is always the most important core value of our factory.

In our 25000 square meters modern factory, silversmiths who pass skills from generations to generations, work with advanced mechanical equipments perfectly together. We use the FISCHER coating thickness and hardness measurement Instrument, and also implement the ISO9001:2000 certification (Quality Management Systems) since the early 1990s. We also insist on using top raw material. All of these guaranteed to provide you with high quality silverware.

In order to accomplish this Design-Industry-Market synergy, we have established the LUCKY Project Center, which comprises of designers and workers. Future more, we have a powerful consulting team who come from across the hospitality industry. The team is not only including F&B managers but also the waiters/waitresses. Consulting can provide by purchasing directors but also the warehousemen. And we can get advice from distributors but also the other hospitality products suppliers. That makes our design and products to be advance and People-oriented.

Furthermore, extensive and efficient distribution networks enables us to quick response all your requirements and maximum your investment.